Ceylon — a Silverhollow Save

To keep myself motivated to fill an empty world — I decided to make it for download.This is what I was working on all day yesterday & part of today. Its not at all that great, but I figured others would enjoy (: 

I used emperorsims' Silverhollow as my base world for this save.

Since I did make this for my own use as well — I’ve used what EPS I have for some things, as well as the City Hall from Aurora Skies. I’ve also used the Sunset Valley Festival Lot; If you don’t have seasons I believe it will just be the normal park. [read the note included in download!]

USED EPS: Base Game, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Supernatural, and University Life. no SPs used.

The save is un-populated BUT does include 6 empty houses .. literally I made one of them & just plopped 5 more down. sooo, they all look exactly the same inside. Unfurnished as well. 

There are some empty residential lots left for you to fill. As well as the large legacy lot. 

CC Used: Roof Defaults

NOTE!: This is NOT a world, but ONLY a save. You will need to download & install Silverhollow from emperorsims

Place Folder in SAVES :)


ps. this sorta counts as my “hey thanks for following me, all 1,000+ of you.”

I love it :D

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I need someone to convert like all of the male game and store hairs for females



Can I direct you to this site?

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when you get what you want but not what you neeeeed

When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep


Gumdrop Skinblend

+ Ages Toddler-Elder

+ Non-barbie / anatomically correct

+ Sexy feet compatible

+ Non-default features EA default, yellowtone and redtone ramps

Apologies for the lacklustre previews. :\ Feel free to ask if you’d like any additional pictures. I’m also willing to apply other tone ramps to the non-default if desired; just drop me a message specifying which ones. Also! A matching default replacement baby skin will be available soon.

Credit: Joedy/livelovepixels, Ephemera, Tamo, i-like-teh-sims, Kanno, Orange-sim, Aikea Guinea, Kurasoberina, MCalero, HystericalParoxysm, Mochi029.